2020 Crane series


New simplified and improved design


New visualization in new design with many new functions!

New & improved cabin design

Our main field of activity is crane construction. For more than 20 years we have been successfully developing and manufacturing various crane control systems including all safety, monitoring and operating components. Our main focus here is on NT Premium CAB, the complete solution in terms of crane control.


New PLC program with optimized control sequence and various improvements


Improved and simplified support / self-help / extended diagnostic functions


New control program

Safe sensors

Our sensors have safety level SIL2 / PLd, are certified according to EN61508:2010 and tested according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (TÜV Süd).

New visualization

Design & Technology

The new visualization is now also available in a slim, simple and intuitive design with future-proof technology.

Help for self-help

A big point we had from the beginning in the back of the head during the development, was the help to self-help! For this reason there are more than 1300 possible error codes with problem solving approach!


The visualization is not only used to display the current operating data but also to set up the crane. With our new EASY SETUP you save expensive setup times of the crane.

Secure access

Access only via day password, which can be calculated via cloud portal (also available mobile)!

New data logger

Remote access

By means of the new black box, it is super easy and user-friendly to quickly get an overview of the current status of the crane. Using the latest web technologies, all current and past data is clearly displayed and can be downloaded with just one click. All the customer needs is a current web browser.

Robust housing

The extremely robust metal housing protects the black box from external damage and influences even under the most extreme conditions.

Fleet management

All cranes are clearly displayed in our cloud portal, providing a quick overview for the customer. With just one click on the respective crane, more detailed information is then available.

Conversion kit for old cranes - Retrofit

You don't want a new crane? Your old crane is still in good condition but no longer state of the art? Then our retrofit kit is just the right thing for you!
It will bring your old crane back up to code at the lowest possible cost.

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