Spare parts

For best performance

If you need spare parts for one of your cranes, you should be satisfied only with the original parts!

Fast delivery

One call is enough, and our employees will make sure that you have the right spare part on site as quickly as possible to keep downtimes and set-up times on site as short as possible!

24h - delivery

Especially for contract customers we offer a guaranteed 24h delivery time spare parts package.


Enormous efficiency

Let one of our experts show you how to get the most out of your machine!


Only if your crane is ready for use and runs smoothly, you can complete your orders and earn money! For this we do our best to meet your expectations!

Depending on your needs, we offer telephone, remote or live on-site support! Contact our service hotline.

Project supervision

What makes up the NT value proposition? We accompany you in every project phase, also supra-regionally, with our local competence. Whatever the challenge, we have the right systems, the right information, and a nationwide network of contacts to help you build and plan efficiently.

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