Development, creation and sale of crane control systems

Complete solution - everything from a single source

We develop and manufacture complete crane control systems for different crane types and sizes. It does not matter if only the control, a conversion kit for old cranes or our complete premium cabin.

State of the art controls

Our modern and sophisticated controls guarantee precise control of the crane, provide real-time data and simplify crane setup.

Development and construction of switchgear

We switch everything!

We build customized system controls for industry and craft.

Passion and competence

Use our years of experience in control cabinet construction for your success! We accompany you personally during consulting, planning, realization up to commissioning.

Safety and reliability...

... are always in the first place.

Prototype development and construction

Innovative product development

Our team of specialists has been planning and developing new products and solutions for many years - from the idea to the functional prototype to series production - with core competence in electronic control systems and creative pre-development.

Systems for mobile machinery

Visualizations & HMI

Design & Technology

For our visualizations we use state-of-the-art technologies and designs, which are easy and intuitive to use. In addition, we rely on future-proof technologies.


All our visualizations & HMIs are tailored and customized specifically to our customers' needs.


Security, especially in corporate networks, is a top priority. Especially for modern web visualizations, which have to be accessible from everywhere, we attach great importance to security and current encryption methods.

Web development and cloud service

Web development

Whether remote access, VPN connections, cloud logging or M2M communication. We have the right solution for your problem!

Cloud service

Our cloud is a complex and modern network with more than 50 servers distributed all over the world. Different servers and databases guarantee the best performance, availability and security.

Benefit from an ISO 27001-certified ISMS, a global infrastructure and continuous optimization.

The security of your system is our top priority, so our devices and cloud are equipped with the highest security measures to protect the company network and customer data.